Robert Miranda's music has been described as eclectic as it stands outside of genre classification. Miranda's music is an alchemy of Rock, Alternative & Folk, which creates Miranda's own unique sound. This eclectic style, combined with a robust social justice driven voice, melds his passion and melodies into a musical political platform.  

Robert Miranda blends political awareness with a strong, substantial social justice driven voice and impressive guitar technique to get audiences at venues as large as the National Mall cheering and singing along.  His songs are anthems that bring hope in a time of insecurity and spur listeners to make their voices heard—in clubs and coffeehouses, and in the halls of justice.  

Miranda released his debut album 'Exposed' in 2014. Robert has performed twice on the National Stage in Washington DC: In Sept 2015, he performed his single Change in Town at the Rally with Pope Francis. In April 2018, he debuted his song 'The Heart of our Democracy' at the Rally to End Racism. 'The Heart of Our Democracy' is a moving song that takes aim at the systematic injustice impacting our Democracy and its effect on all Americans. In 2018 Miranda released the single 'Hit 'em Hard" in support of the 2018 Midterm elections.